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  • Perspective Transforms Relativity, M.C. Escher (1953) Perspective is more than just a positive mental attitude Which way is up? Although what we are looking at does not change, how we see it depends on our perspective. Our external circumstances often sway our thoughts and push us in a certain ... Continue Reading
  • I Have No Hands Mark answered the phone and I spoke. I told him I was in rehab, would be discharged soon, and would need home care to help me out around the house – a common request. “Tell me about yourself,” he asked. “Both my hands and legs were amputated, so I need help doing some ... Continue Reading
  • Off the Course: a Third Lesson Last week , I told the story of two lessons that I learned on a golf trip with men from my church. I learned a lot from them on that trip, but I also learned something off the course as well. In this post, I would like to share the lesson I learned from an audiobook I ... Continue Reading
  • Lessons from a Golf Trip I recently returned from a 4-day golf trip with 40 men from my church, Trinity Baptist, in Raleigh. It’s a January trip—cold and sometimes rainy—so there were reasons for going other than golf. Golf is a great sport for many reasons. It’s relaxing (if you’re playing well), ... Continue Reading
  • Home Care Observances: National Wear Red Day Home Care in Raleigh, NC There is a tremendous focus on breast cancer as the health condition that negatively impacts women and takes so many women’s lives, but the truth is there is a killer out there that goes largely undetected and is responsible for the deaths of more ... Continue Reading
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