Breast cancer affects a staggering percentage of the female population in the US -- with 1 out of every 8 cases affecting women between the ages of 65 and 80. Even those who are not directly affected with a breast cancer diagnosis will almost certainly know someone who is battling -- or who has successfully defeated -- breast cancer. Early detection is important in increasing the odds of defeating this horrible disease, however, women should be aware of breast cancer symptoms that may be the key to early detection.

Griswold Home Care has put together a number of informative resources geared towards helping older women learn more about inflammatory breast cancer symptoms, treatment and mastectomy options, and tips for coping with the more emotional aspects of this all-too-prevalent form of cancer.

Please check out our list of resources below to equip yourself with information about breast cancer and how it impacts older women.


Treatment to Prognosis: Breast Cancer Care for Elderly Women

Read more about the unique breast cancer treatment options and concerns that face women over the age of 65. This article offers information on a variety of options available to women, as well as breast cancer survival rates and statistics.

Staying Healthy: Post Mastectomy Care for Older Women

Following a mastectomy, women face a physical and emotional journey long after their scars have healed. This informative post discusses the after-effects of a mastectomy and what women can expect as they recover, as well as recommendations for follow-up care.

Attention Women Over 50: 12 Surprising Symptoms of Breast Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer. But what symptoms should women over 50 be aware of? Learn more about the symptoms of breast cancer, as well as information surrounding breast cancer screenings, mammograms, and “false positives.”