More than one-third of all cancer diagnoses occur in persons over the age of 75. While many cancers are highly treatable, early detection is one of the best ways to help increase the odds of defeating this dreadful disease.

Although there are many different types of cancers, some cancer symptoms and warning signs are similar across the board. Several types of cancer, including prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer, are more prevalent in older adults. Other cancers, such as bone and colon cancer have more specific warning signs that individuals should be aware of.

Griswold Home Care has compiled a list of resources designed to help older adults and their caregivers stay vigilant in the fight against cancer. Please check out these informative articles to learn key factors and cancer symptoms you should be aware of.


Cancer Warning Signs & Treatment Concerns for the Elderly

Learn more about common types of cancer found in older adults, as well as warning signs that may lead to early detection. This article also touches on survival rates, as well as the emotional impact that cancer treatment may have on older individuals and their loved ones.

Cancer and the Elderly: Cancer Control Month

National Cancer Control Month falls in April, however, older adults and their caregivers should be armed with a list of questions to ask medical professionals following a diagnosis. This article offers a comprehensive list of questions that will help you or your loved one best determine a course of treatment and empower you with information about your cancer diagnosis.