Cholesterol management is an important issue that faces many adults. One out of every six Americans has high cholesterol. While there are both “good” (HDL) and “bad” types of cholesterol, it’s important to know the difference, as well as how to take effective action to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level.

While it’s important for everyone to check their cholesterol on a regular basis, did you know that there are different high cholesterol symptoms in both men and women? Or that there is such a thing as low cholesterol and accompanying symptoms that can be detrimental to your health? These are just some of the many facets of cholesterol education that Griswold Home Care hopes to offer on this resources page. Please see our list of resources below to learn more about symptoms, support, and management.

Griswold Home Care is continually updating this page with new information. Please feel free to check back for more new articles and resources as we add them. We’re dedicated to helping you and your loved ones stay up-to-date on the latest information and high cholesterol prevention tips.


What’s Your HDL? Cholesterol Services & Support

Read more about high-density lipoprotein (HDL) – the “good” type of cholesterol. Learn more about risk factors, concerns surrounding cholesterol medications and ways you can boost your HDL.

High Cholesterol is No Joke – Read This Before You Eat Again

High cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. However, there are a number of simple lifestyle changes you can make to help naturally lower your cholesterol and why you should take heed of any high cholesterol symptoms you may be exhibiting. Read this article to find out how.