Over 25% of adults 65-years-of-age and older have diabetes. This age group has the highest likelihood of developing the disease. For this reason, Griswold Home Care has put together a list of resources designed to help older adults and their loved ones learn the facts about diabetes, preventative measures to help stop diabetes from developing, and how to properly care for themselves following a diabetes diagnosis.

Griswold’s list of diabetes resources features articles and information on diabetes warning signs and disease statistics, as well as more practical information such as insulin costs, food and wellness tips, and a comprehensive care plan to ensure older adults can continue to lead a full, healthy, happy life while coping with diabetes.


Thanksgiving Dinner: Five Diabetes-Friendly Dishes

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy family togetherness. Dining during the holidays can present unique challenges to persons living with diabetes. Here are five delicious dishes to consider adding to your Thanksgiving menu -- or year round.

Ten Tips for Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

Don’t let a diabetes diagnosis or dietary considerations interfere with your ability to enjoy the holidays with loved ones. Griswold Home Care offers ten helpful tips to managing your diabetes during the holidays. From setting aside time to exercise and monitoring your blood glucose, these simple hints can help you or a loved one stay healthy during the holidays … and for many more holidays to come.

Diabetes in Elderly Adults: Statistics and Care Guidelines

Learn more about the statistics surrounding older adults with diabetes and prediabetes. Griswold Home Care offers information on diabetes symptoms, complications, and helpful care guidelines for older adults to stay healthy following a diabetes diagnosis.

Diabetes Care Plan & Tips for Older Adults

Adults over the age of 65 are at greater risk for developing diabetes than any other age group in the U.S. While diabetes can be easily managed, the disorder can be life-threatening or diminish a person’s quality of life if not treated properly. Griswold Home Care offers information on how to prevent the disease or how to treat diabetes if you have already been diagnosed.