Falls are quite prevalent among adults over the age of 65. In fact, the CDC reports that one out of every three seniors falls each year. Moreover, falls for older adults can kick off a downward spiral of health conditions and affect them psychologically, as well as physically. As alarming as this may sound, falls can be prevented. Griswold Home Care wants to do their part to help seniors live happier, healthier lives. We’ve collected a number of resources designed to help you uncover the facts about falls among the elderly and how you can help to prevent them from occurring within the home.


5 Safety Precautions for Fall Prevention in the Elderly

Falls can be incredibly damaging to older adults with more fragile bones. However, these all-too-common occurrences can be prevented. Learn how you can help prevent falls in the home for an older loved one.

The Impact of Falls on Older Adults and Prevention Checklist

Did you know that falls are the main cause of injury-related death among many seniors? Use this helpful checklist to help minimize the risk of falls in the home for an older loved one in your care.

How to Prevent Someone You Love from Falling: A Checklist

The effects of falls on seniors can be very damaging, but you can help to prevent them from suffering a fall in their home. Griswold offers a room-by-room checklist for ways you can secure the home of an older loved one and help minimize their risk of falling.

Falls: Risk Factors to Watch Out For

Some older adults are at a higher risk of falling than others. From seniors with poor vision to those on certain medications that may affect their sense of balance, check out our list of risk-factors and what you can do to help older adults in your care from falling.

Preventing Falls: 6 Important Tips

Little things mean a lot -- especially when it comes to preventing falls in older adults. From getting a check-up to staying active, pick up a few quick, yet important tips for helping minimize the risk of falls in seniors.

Anatomy of a Fall: Understanding Senior Slips & Falls

It takes only seconds for an older adult to take a tumble, but there are multiple factors over the course of time that can lead to a fall. Learn some of the warning signs, risk factors, and ways you can help to fall-proof the home of a senior loved one in your care.