Due to a combination of factors such as limited income, an inability to shop for themselves due to a chronic condition, or a decline in their tastebuds or sense of smell, many older adults may not make the best choices for a healthy diet. However, a diet lacking in vital nutrients can help contribute to a decline in a loved one’s health.

Check out Griswold Home Care’s list of nutritional resources geared toward older adults. Chock full of info -- and in some cases, recipes -- we’re pleased to offer a number of articles to arm you with information about the specific dietary needs and considerations of seniors.


Healthy Eating for Seniors

When it comes to nutrition, it’s crucial for older adults to make the right decision to help them maintain their immune system. As the body ages, resistance lowers and a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health can suffer due to poor diet. Proper nutrition also helps to keep heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes at bay. Learn more about balanced nutrition for older adults.

Diet Restrictions & Considerations for Older Adults

To maintain good health, older adults have special dietary considerations -- whether or not they have an existing health condition. Discover more about the importance of a diet rich in fiber, good fats and potassium in your diet, as well as which foods to stock up on and which ones to avoid.

Eat Healthfully This Summer!

With it, summer brings an abundance of healthy, nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables. Older adults with special dietary considerations -- and a limited budget or reserve of energy -- can greatly benefit from adding more produce to their diets. Pick up some helpful tips on how to get the best for your budget -- and your health!

New Study Shows Mediterranean Diet Best for Healthy Aging

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that a Mediterranean diet rich in plant-based foods, healthy oils, and fish can be beneficial to adults between the ages of 55 and 80 with pre-existing health conditions. Learn more and discover mouthwatering Mediterranean recipes in this article from Griswold Home Care.