Following an accident, stroke, or other illness that impairs the way older adults move and / or respond, occupational therapy can be a great way to help recover some of the skills and mobility that had been lost. Occupational therapists typically help their charges and their families with discovering and setting goals based on a person’s wants, needs, and working in tandem with a prescribed plan of action from a health care professional.

Griswold Home Care has put together a list of helpful resources and articles designed to give you and your loved one insight into the benefits of occupational therapy for older adults.


Approaches to Occupational Therapy for the Elderly

There are a number of ways that occupational therapy can prove beneficial to older adults. Alongside professional and family caregivers, health care professionals, and other valuable members of a wellness team, occupational therapists can play a role in helping elderly individuals with regaining mobility and warding off some of the depression that accompanies a diminished skill set. Learn more about some approaches here.

5 Ways Occupational Therapy & Home Care Can Help Your Loved One

Engaging the services of an occupational therapist can help older adults in a number of ways. From helping dementia victims retrain their brains and reducing the effects of the condition to helping an older adult to physically rehabilitate following a fall or injury, these are just a few of the ways occupational therapy can help your loved one regain a higher quality of life. Discover other ways occupational therapy can help.

Should Your Loved One Have an Occupational Therapist?

Although both can be beneficial to helping older loved ones age in place, there are several key differences between a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy helps older adults with finding efficient ways of doing daily tasks, such as offering a person with arthritis ways of moving that lessen the pain and impact on joints. To learn other ways an occupational therapist can help your loved one, read this article.