From diet to exercise, fitness for seniors encompasses a full range of activities that hone in on the importance of good health. Exercise for older adults has been proven to help yield long-term health benefits. From gardening to actually lifting weights, there are a number of senior workouts that can stimulate their minds and bodies. Get inspired with several articles featuring tips for senior fitness!


4 Healing Powers of Exercise for Seniors

From losing weight to building muscle, exercise has a number of benefits for seniors -- including helping to relieve pain. Learn more about the many ways exercise can help seniors get active and stay active.

3 Reasons Why Seniors Should Strength Train & Lift Weights

If you think lifting weights is only for younger people -- think again! Seniors should be pumping some iron, too! Whether you have a home gym, a membership to a fitness center, or use objects around the house, there are several ways seniors can squeeze in a good workout and build muscle.

[Guide] Download the Senior Exercising Guide

Active seniors have a much lower rate of mortality than their more sedentary peers. Learn more facts about senior workouts -- and how to make exercise a regular (and safe) part of your older loved one’s daily routine.

How Senior Sports Leagues Benefit Older Adults

Who says fitness for seniors has to be a solitary pursuit? Senior sports leagues not only give older adults a chance to flex their muscles and run some bases, but it gives them a great outlet to socialize with other like-minded sports fanatics of all ages. Read more about senior sports leagues and how to join one.

3 Ways Seniors Can Break Through Exercise Barriers

It can be difficult for people of any age to muster up the energy to head to the gym; however, senior citizens sometimes face other challenges when it comes to getting in their recommended amount of exercise. From rheumatoid arthritis to other chronic conditions, find tips for helping seniors get motivated and get moving despite any challenges.