What better way to celebrate, educate, and advocate aging issues than with instructional webinars? The below videos take aim at answering some of the frequent questions associated with the common conditions faced by seniors and disabled adults. Throughout our Solutions Series Webinars, we provide resources and actionable tool kits for family/professional caregivers, health care professionals, and those experiencing the conditions. Griswold Home Care strives to bring in industry experts as co-hosts to present the most current and accurate information available.

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The Invisible Side of MS

Griswold Home Care partnered with the Greater Delaware Chapter of the National MS Society to bring you this webinar.

Uncovering the Hidden Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Our Parkinson's disease webinar workshop focuses on uncovering the hidden symptoms of the disease. The webinar highlights recent research, stories and experiences shares by clients and family caregivers, and practical strategies for managing depression, anxiety and grieving.

Fighting ALS from the Beginning

ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is the focus of this webinar workshop. We cover the topic from the documented story of the famous baseball player. The information in this webinar includes recent research emphasizing the importance of early symptom recognition and accurate diagnosis, strategies for managing daily challenges and adjusting to change, and an ALS solutions toolkit.

Aphasia: Making Their Voices Heard

What is Aphasia? Many people have never heard the term before, and we take this opportunity to emphasize the need for increased awareness. On this webinar workshop, we share practical strategies for overcoming communication challenges, review recent research and treatment guidelines, and present interactive resources. The workshop is co-hosted by the Executive Director of the National Aphasia Association.

Sandwich Generation: Family Transition and Reinvention

The Sandwich Generation is a big topic in senior care, and this webinar workshop focuses on the family transition and reinvention that often takes place. On the webinar, Griswold Home Care presents a more holistic perspective on the Sandwich Generation, strategies for driving cross-generational empathy, understanding and communication, and solutions for effective family planning.

Alzheimer’s Disease & Home Safety: Finding Support and Innovative Solutions

Home Safety for those with dementia and Alzheimer's disease is critical for family caregivers, healthcare professionals, and those living with the disease. We discuss innovative steps that you can take to create a healthy house setting and promote home safety on this workshop. The webinar is co-hosted by an occupational therapist and family caregiver that have direct experience with these issues.

Living with the Challenging Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia symptoms are often misunderstood and create frustration and exhaustion for clients and their family or professional caregivers. In this webinar, Griswold Home Care discusses the symptoms of dementia and how they can impact the quality of life.

Mental Health & Aging: An Overview of the Barriers and Solutions

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are NOT a normal part of aging and are hard to discuss, diagnose, and treat. The good news is that there are innovative programs, tools, and resources that can help. Griswold Home Care uncovers the most common conditions faced by older adults and their family caregivers in this informative webinar.

Alzheimer's Disease 2013: A National Plan to Fight Back

This webinar workshop covers the most recent research and innovative best practices in Alzheimer's Disease treatment and support. Also reviewed is the National Alzheimer's Project Act (NAPA) and a 2013 update to the National Alzheimer's Plan.

Aging & Driving: Making Informed Decisions that Support Independence and Safety

There are many older adults who are excellent drivers. However, aging can cause changes in functioning that impact driving skills. As a result, the issue of aging and driving has been both an emotional and controversial topic for many years. In this webinar, Griswold Home Care will help to understand best practice approaches for assessing and improving safe driving skills in older adults.

Adjusting to Life with Glaucoma – From Diagnosis to Daily Life

Join Griswold Home Care in a discussion on Glaucoma. This webinar covers the different forms and symptoms of Glaucoma, how to recognize and treat Glaucoma, and ways to improve the impact Glaucoma has on quality of life. Co-presenters of this webinar include the President and CEO of the Glaucoma Research Foundation and an individual living with Glaucoma.

Heart Disease & Older Adults – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

This interactive webinar recognizing February as National Heart Awareness Month provides a Fight Heart Disease toolkit that includes tools and resources to improve care and quality of life for people with heart disease and their family caregivers. The discussion details the nature, causes, symptoms, treatment, and impact of heart disease in older adults.

Navigating Cancer Survivorship

Griswold Home Care partnered with Jane Meier Hamilton MSN, RN, CEO and Founder of Partners on the Path, LLC to host a webinar workshop for professional caregivers, healthcare providers, and families who are dealing with cancer survivorship. The webinar discusses how as of 2015 the American College of Surgeons has required that hospitals provide a survivor care plan for all patients treated for cancer. We will provide background on the 2006 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that gave rise to these 2015 regulations.

Building Family Caregiver Resilience

Griswold Home Care partnered with Jane Meier Hamilton MSN, RN, CEO and Founder of Partners on the Path, LLC to host a webinar workshop for professional caregivers, healthcare providers, and families who care for their loved ones. The webinar explores how caregiver resilience provides the capacity to handle tough decisions, to persevere and prevail. When tapping resilience, the daunting becomes do-able; difficult experiences turn into learning experiences..