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    • Thank You So Much

      "Thank you so much for referring Cindy and Connie to us. Dad enjoyed both referred caregivers and they made the last year of his life a joy. Wishing you continued success and joy in your business."

    • Glad to Recommend Your Services

      "We thank you for your excellent service and would be glad to recommend your services as well as recommend the services of the caregivers you referred any time."

    • I was ‘matched’ with an angel.

      "I appreciated the friendly and courteous manner in which your referral team spoke with me while trying to arrange for a referred caregiver to take care of my mother so I could return to work. Within a day of my initial phone call, they had referred somebody to help me. I was ‘matched’ with an angel."

    • Griswold Home Care Really Made A Difference

      "I would like to commend you for the excellence and reliability of the services provided by Griswold Home Care. The Referral Team and the caregivers you referred did a wonderful job of taking care of my father when he needed it the most… I never had to worry about my dad’s wellbeing, which put my mind at ease… Griswold Home Care really made a differ ..."

    • You Have Been Tremendous

      "Thank you does not seem to come close to expressing the gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for my mother and my family during the last few years… you were always just a phone call away… You have been tremendous!"

    • We Are So Pleased

      "I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me, my mother and my family…for your integrity and your willingness to go the extra mile. You just went all out for us and I do so appreciate it. We are so pleased with your services."

    • I Am So Grateful

      "Our Griswold referred caregiver helps with cooking, cleaning, laundry and reorganizing closets, all of which my mother is unable to do for herself. But more than what she does, the important thing about Phyllis is how she does things. Somehow, she helps my mother feel as though she herself is doing something productive… she is a gem and I am so ..."

    • Appreciated All the Special Things

      "We really appreciated all the special things the caregivers Griswold referred did for my mom — accompanying her to lunch, on car rides and to doctor’s appointments… You and the caregiver your referred helped make this last year of her life enjoyable."

    • Felt the Presence of a True Angel

      "I have especially found Agnes, our referred caregiver, to be a shining example of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self control during these difficult past weeks. She attended to my father’s needs as much as any angel could have… I have witnessed and felt the presence of a true angel of mercy and kindness ..."

    • At Ease Not Worrying About Him

      "Thanks for Fran, the caregiver you referred to us — she’s great. Charlie enjoyed her company and I was at ease not worrying about him."

    • Highly Recommend Griswold Home Care

      "The referral service has been wonderful; the referred caregivers have been caring and loving to my mother. So far, everyone Griswold’s Referral Team has referred has done a great job and has gone out of their way to accommodate mother and her needs. I would highly recommend Griswold Home Care to anyone."

    • We can never thank you enough.

      "We can never thank you enough for referring two loving and caring ladies. Our wishes for her to spend her final days at home were granted. May God bless you."

    • Kind and Professional Service

      "My mother received the kind and professional service that she deserved through your referred caregivers. I know that her life was not only extended with your help, but her life had more meaning and more quality... I especially liked your ability to refer the right caregiver who matched my mother’s personality and needs. Thank you for your extra ..."

    • I am really, very lucky.

      "Harriet : I had a bad cold for the longest while. I was coughing a lot. So Ramada was after me to go to the doctor. I said, “No, No.” Finally I agreed. It was on a Saturday morning that we went to Montgomery Hospital and they took an X-ray. And right away they said, “Oh, you’re in bad shape and you’re going to stay here all day and we’ll do what we ..."