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Home Care in Salisbury, MD

Justin and Rose Money are the proud owners and operators of your local Griswold Home Care office in Salisbury, Maryland. Prior to operating their own office, they were both caregivers listed on the registry of the Griswold Home Care office in Sussex County, Delaware. Two of their daughters have also been caregivers listed on other Griswold registries.  Rose, was an experienced Registered Nurse in Saudi Arabia for 27 years  prior to coming to this country.

Before moving to Delaware, Justin spent 27 years working as an Inventory Controller at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia. With pride, Justin received the Martin Luther King Jr. award as he cared for persons with Alzheimer’s and dementia while working as a caregiver. Seeing the gratitude in their eyes along with his wife’s admirable passion for serving those in need, motivated him make the decision to serve his local community as a Griswold Home Care independent owner. Today, his experience referring caregivers to provide care to the elderly, primarily clients with dementia, continues to be equally rewarding.

In his own words Justin adds, “After all, referring caregivers to make a difference in so many lives each day leaves me with contentment. My wife and I understand that this business comes with great responsibility. We know how much rigor is involved because we both had to seek home care for our loved ones. Our goal before referring any caregiver is whether we would have him/her take care of our loved ones.”

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