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Your Home Care Team in San Antonio North, Texas

Laura and George McGuire are the independent owners and operators of the San Antonio Northwest and Northeast offices of Griswold Home Care. They are pleased to provide caregivers who can help offer assistance with senior care services and needs to older adults and their families in San Antonio.

Laura’s primary focus is on community relations and marketing. Prior to becoming the director of the San Antonio offices of Griswold Home Care she was a licensed dental hygienist in the states of Texas, Washington, and Virginia where she developed her appreciation for customer service and patient care. Laura is currently active in many organizations in the San Antonio area including the Alamo Area Home Care Council and board member of the First Friday Network.

George is in charge of current operations and future development. He received his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and his masters from Florida Tech. Prior to independently owning a Griswold Home Care location he served 21 years in the US Army and retired as a lieutenant colonel. While serving in the military, George was drawn to an article about Griswold Home Care and was impressed by Jean Griswold’s corporate goals of offering caregivers who can provide quality service.

One major factor that gave George and Laura the passion for this business was their own personal experiences. Laura lost her mother to cancer at a very young age. Laura says, “In 1983 when my mother was being treated for cancer, home care was not an option in our area. So my siblings and I had to drive over an hour each way to the hospital to visit and keep my mother company. She died in the hospital, several months after being admitted. It would have been much more dignified and comfortable for her to have been able to come home during her last few months to be around those she loved and in familiar surroundings.” George also lost his father to cancer in the late 1990’s. However, his experience was much different. Using a combination of home care and hospice, his father was able to remain at home during the last few months of his life. “Having my father at home under the care of the hospice staff and family caregivers made our family’s experience much different than what Laura had to go through several years prior. It was a much more positive experience and allowed my father who was still very active to remain at home.”

George and Laura have two children, Ryan and Holly. Ryan is a graduate of Texas A&M University and works for Exxon-Mobile; he and his wife, Aubra, live in Allen, Texas.  Holly is also a graduate of Texas A&M University and lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her husband Michael. Laura enjoys decorating and gardening while George is primarily drawn to the outdoors to include working on their ranch near Rocksprings, TX. When George and Laura aren’t working, they are both currently active in their local church and serve in several voluntary and elected positions.

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