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Home Care in Sarasota County, FL

Your Home-Care Referral Team in Sarasota, FL

Griswold Home Care of Sarasota county is owned and operated by Wil Vigil, his wife Laura and their son Nate. The Vigil family is active in various youth, family, senior and orphan awareness programs. Wil is a member of the Alzheimer’s Association, Jewish Federation and has worked in social justice programs for over 20 years. Additionally, Wil volunteers as a Disaster Recovery and Shelter Manager for the American Red Cross. Professionally, Wil worked for IBM in sales and management. After an early retirement, Wil was looking for a business that allowed for him to positively assist and influence the lives of individuals in his local community. Prior to joining Griswold Home Care franchise family, Wil and his wife Laura evaluated their strengths, experiences and passions with a career coach. After several weeks of prayer and research, Wil and Laura found Griswold Home Care. Hearing Jean Griswold’s story, the organization’s founder, they knew this is what God was calling for them.

Jean’s commitment has always been referring caregivers who provide the best possible home care in the most affordable way to support family and loved ones. As a son positioned in the sandwich generation, Wil was responsible for taking care of four grandparents with various stages of dementia. Navigating the many options for seniors proved to be a difficult task. Several years fast forward, Wil as a Griswold Home Care owner is dedicated to assisting families as they navigate options available for their loved ones. His own family experiences add value to you and your family, as you make plans for your loved one. Wil and his family are looking forward to speaking with you about your family’s needs.

Florida License Number: 30211643

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