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Routine Home Maintenance Tips

Home Care in Scarsdale NY

Stairway With White RailingsWe all know how much home repairs can cost. Even the smallest of things can cost a lot of money if it has to be hired out with a handyman or contractor. And when someone’s on a fixed income, as many seniors are, especially if they’re retired, that can take a bite out of someone’s budget.

As family caregiver for a loved one, there are things that you can, and probably should, be doing on a regular basis to help ensure things stay running smoothly in their home. The following are some general preventive maintenance tips:

  • Inspect and clean the furnace in advance of the heating season. A good time to do this is perhaps September or October before the really cold weather starts and service people get busy with emergency heating calls. Furnace filters should ideally be replaced monthly during the heating season.
  • Fireplaces should also be inspected and cleaned once a year, also before the heating season begins. Soot can build up in the chimney flue, potentially becoming a fire hazard. No one needs a chimney fire, especially a senior.
  • Clean the condenser coils behind and beneath your refrigerator and stand-alone freezer, if there is one. This will help these appliances cool more efficiently, helping save on utility bills.
  • Inspect the grout and caulk around sinks, bathtubs, showers and any other place where caulk or grout may be. If any is cracking, or otherwise damaged, scrape the old stuff away and replace or repair it with new caulk or grout.
  • Test smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors, ideally every six months—when people spring forward and fall back are usually the best times to remember to do this. Batteries don’t necessarily have to be replaced but it’s a good idea to replace them every six months, just to play it safe.
  • If the home has any fire extinguishers, test their pressure. They should be tested and/or recharged annually.
  • In April in may be wise to check all the rain gutters and make sure that downspouts are all draining smoothly and away from the home’s foundation. If they are plugged with leaves or other material, clean them out. If they are beginning to rust, you may want to consider having them replaced so you don’t encounter drainage, and subsequent foundation, problems later.
  • In May or early June, have the central air-conditioning or window units serviced before the hot weather rolls in.
  • Clean the lint from the clothes dryer, as well as the vent that goes to the outside. That will keep lint form building up, potentially causing a fire, and keep the dryer running more efficiently.
  • Check GFCI outlets and devices using the red “test” button on them. If they fail to trip, they should be replaced.

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