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Using a Calendar to Help Keep Your Care Efforts Organized on Calendar Adjustment Day

Elderly Care in Larchmont NY

Red circle marked on a calendarDo you sometimes feel like days have been taken away from you? Is your schedule so busy that you wish that you could add a few more days into the year? If you are like many family caregivers, the answer is probably ‘yes’. While you might not be able to actually lengthen the year to give yourself more time, there was once a year that got spontaneously shorter, leading to the observance of a holiday called “Calendar Adjustment Day”. This day commemorates the 1752 adoption of the Gregorian calendar, which required eleven days be taken out of the year in order for the British and Colonial population to match up with their then-current calendar. This resulted in them jumping from September 2 to September 14 literally overnight. While this no longer happens, September 2 is the perfect time for you to confront the busyness of your schedule and work toward keeping your care efforts more organized.

Use these tips to use a calendar to help you keep your care efforts organized:

  • Choose a tangible calendar. These days, many people rely on the calendar function of their phone or other mobile device to keep their lives scheduled. While this technology can be useful, it may not be as effective for family caregivers. Instead, choose a large, real calendar that you can post somewhere readily visible. This will ensure that you look at it regularly rather than having to make the conscious choice to look at your phone calendar.
  • Color code needs. Being able to quickly and effectively differentiate between different obligations is important to keeping your calendar organized and your efforts efficient. Color coding helps you to glance at the calendar and easily recognize when you have to do different things for different people. For example, write all needs for your aging parent in one color, for your children in another, and for yourself in another. This will help you to space out your tasks and keep them better arranged.
  • Plan the month in advance. At the beginning of each month, sit down with your calendar and plan out the month. Write in all of the standing needs, such as dance classes, volunteering, meetings, and appointments, then add personal additions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Having these already on the schedule will keep you from forgetting them when you are adding tasks and ensure that you keep your schedule as manageable as possible.

Elderly care can be a fantastic solution to you feeling as though your schedule is always too full and you are not able to handle everything every day. A referred caregiver can be with your aging parent when it works for your parent and for you to ensure that they get the level of care, support, and assistance that they need even when you are not able to be with them. This not only allows for your parent to get a personalized approach to care, but also takes much of the pressure and stress off of you. You will know that your loved one is safe, healthy, happy, and comfortable while being able to focus your energy and attention on other elements of your life, such as your children, your partner, your household, and your career.

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