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How to Help an Elderly Loved One Establish a Daily Routine

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Women looking at tabletHaving a daily routine is important for your elderly loved one because it gives her a plan and she knows that she has activities and adventures that she can look forward to. If you help her to plan out her days and her weeks, your loved one will be more likely to find a productive, enjoyable routine.

Start with Meals

Lots of people don’t like eating alone and that can be even more of an issue for your elderly loved one. She might not enjoy cooking only for herself, too, and that can lead to missed meals or meals that aren’t really all that balanced. Work out a system of either meal preparation or times that you or another family member can make it a point to eat meals with her. This can be a powerful way to set up a routine that helps your loved one feel that each day is special.

Make a List of Activities

Next, come up with a list of different activities that your loved one enjoys or would love to try. Some of these might include classes at a local community college or events at a local senior center. That gives her a great opportunity to socialize and to break up her day by learning something new or doing something that she enjoys.

Plan Special Events

While you’re making plans, pepper in some really special events. These could be times that you and your loved one have a special afternoon exploring local museums together, go to lunch, or even just go window shopping. Maybe you set aside a few afternoons a month to watch favorite movies together. Whatever it is, make sure that you plan for it because it gives you both something to look forward to doing.

Consider a Referred Caregiver

As a busy family caregiver, you likely have a lot of different responsibilities that you’re juggling. So another option is to hire home care providers to spend time with your loved one. If transportation can be an issue for your loved one, a referred caregiver can also help your loved one to get where she needs to go.

Remember that a daily routine isn’t written in stone. If your loved one finds that this isn’t working for her, tweak the plan until you find something that is perfect for her.

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