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Posts from 2021

  • 4 Signs Your Senior Loved One Is Dehydrated Dehydration is a real issue for many seniors. There are many factors that can contribute to seniors becoming dehydrated. As people age they may feel thirsty less often even though their body still needs water. Seniors with dementia or memory impairments may forget to drink ... Continue Reading
  • The Best Pets For Seniors There are a lot of benefits to owning a pet, especially for seniors. Pets provide companionship and love. And owning a dog that needs to be walked every day is the perfect reason for seniors to be more active. Home care assistance may be required to help seniors care for ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Ways To Get Your Senior Loved One Eating More Low appetite or having little appetite is very common in seniors. Seniors with dementia may forget that they need to eat or forget that they haven’t eaten and they may be unable to read their body’s hunger cues such as a growling stomach. Other seniors may have little ... Continue Reading
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