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Most Recent Posts from July, 2021

  • What Can You Do about Your Senior’s Gait Issues?

    Your senior’s ability to walk safely is a key part of her overall mobility. If she’s walking differently than she used to or you’re noticing that she doesn’t seem to walk when you’re around, there’s ... Read More
  • Best Ways to Help Your Elderly Loved One Get Their Appetite Back

    Is your elderly loved one experiencing a lack of appetite? If so, this could be very bad for their health. Many people who don’t have an appetite will lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. ... Read More
  • The Keys to Being Happy Together After Moving in With Your Parents

    Four out of ten caregivers live with the person they care for. Around 43 percent report living in the care recipient's home rather than having the care recipient move into the caregiver's home. Moving ... Read More
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