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Most Recent Posts from May, 2021

  • A Senior with Dementia Can Still Manage to Remain Home with Proper Care

    When your elderly father was first diagnosed with dementia, you may not have known how to deal with the emotions. You might have gone through the various stages of grief. He might have gone through ... Read More
  • Don’t Feel Guilty When Discussing Senior Care with Your Mom

    You may feel guilty bring up the topic of senior care with your aging mother, mostly because you assume she expects you to take care of her. Living in the same town, or even same house, many adult ... Read More
  • Owning a Pet: Can it Be Beneficial for Your Elderly Loved One?

    When you are taking care of your elderly loved one, there are certain things they can do to improve their life. Did you know that pets can have a positive impact on people, especially the elderly? If ... Read More
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