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Most Recent Posts from October, 2022

  • Do You Take Care Of Yourself, Too?

    Six out of ten family caregivers are women, and the average age of these caregivers is 50.1. Many female family caregivers are part of the sandwich generation. They still have children living at home, ... Read More
  • 5 Ideas if Your Senior Is Trying to Increase Muscle Strength

    How are your senior’s muscles doing? Aging adults naturally lose some muscle strength as they grow older. There are some variables that can cause your elderly family member to lose a lot more muscle ... Read More
  • Six Tips to Manage the Stress of Caregiving

    Being a family caregiver might just be the most stressful thing that you do. You want to be there for your elderly family member, but it’s also a situation that can take a lot out of you. What makes ... Read More
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