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Posts from 2023

  • Five Lifestyle Changes to Minimize Senior Stroke Risk Seniors who have a high risk of potentially experiencing a stroke need to make changes in order to lower their risk factors as much as possible. Some risk factors, like a family history of cardiovascular illnesses including stroke, may not respond to lifestyle changes. But ... Continue Reading
  • What Causes Kyphosis? Seniors who have a severely stooped posture are battling something called kyphosis. This hunched-over posture is the result of a variety of different potential causes. It’s vital for aging adults dealing with kyphosis to have the support that they need from family caregivers ... Continue Reading
  • Companion Care at Home Helps Seniors in the Earliest Stages of Dementia Coping with a new diagnosis of dementia, even in the early stages of the illness, is a big deal for aging adults and the families who love them. There are some big decisions looming and seniors may want to do all that they can to remain as independent as possible. Companion ... Continue Reading
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