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Most Recent Posts from February, 2023

  • How Important Is Nutrition in Post-hospital Care?

    There’s a lot to worry about when someone comes home from the hospital. There might be a long list of care instructions and mobility might be awkward, depending on what the hospital stay was all ... Read More
  • How Seniors Can Repurpose An Outdated Kitchen Nook

    Seniors who are aging in place may find that their homes need improvements to satisfy their current needs. One of the most common situations that seniors find themselves in is having to find a use for ... Read More
  • Why Should You Establish Set Meal Times For Your Elderly Dad?

    As a busy family caregiver, it's hard to keep up with everything you do to help your dad, keep up with household chores, and get your work-at-home job duties completed. Your dad is also crankier than ... Read More
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