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Most Recent Posts from November, 2023

  • What Causes Kyphosis?

    Seniors who have a severely stooped posture are battling something called kyphosis. This hunched-over posture is the result of a variety of different potential causes. It’s vital for aging adults ... Read More
  • Companion Care at Home Helps Seniors in the Earliest Stages of Dementia

    Coping with a new diagnosis of dementia, even in the early stages of the illness, is a big deal for aging adults and the families who love them. There are some big decisions looming and seniors may ... Read More
  • How Can Family Caregivers Make Time for Respite?

    Being a family caregiver can sometimes feel as if there’s a marathon and there’s just no stopping. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. Caregiving is a long march, for sure, and it’s both ... Read More
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