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  • Christmas Cookies That Seniors Can Make If you ask most people what their favorite Christmas treat is, chances are they will name some sort of cookie. Christmas cookies are very popular, and many people give plates of cookies as gifts to neighbors, police officers, postal workers, home care providers and more. ... Continue Reading


  • Can Proper Handwashing Help Prevent Sepsis and Other Complications? Referred Caregivers in Rye NY: Can Proper Handwashing Help Prevent Sepsis and Other Complications? Reducing the risks that your senior faces and helping to prevent potentially devastating conditions is one of the most important tasks that you will handle on a regular basis ... Continue Reading
  • Understanding the Behaviors of a Parent With Dementia Caregivers in Harrison NY: Understanding the Behaviors of a Parent with Dementia Caring for a loved one with dementia is both rewarding and challenging. It is a progressive degenerative brain disorder that is commonly associated with Alzheimer’s and other degenerative and ... Continue Reading
  • Taking Care of the Caregiver Caregivers in Rye NY As a primary family caregiver, you give time, energy and attention to your parent. If you were placed in this position due to a sudden illness or injury, you may not have had the time to deal with the emotions this change in lifestyle can bring. It’s a ... Continue Reading
  • Taking Steps to Reduce Family Caregiver Stress During Self-improvement Month Family Caregivers in Larchmont NY September is Self-Improvement Month. As a family caregiver this is the ideal opportunity for you to think of the way that taking care of yourself impacts your care efforts for your aging parent and take steps to improve your health and ... Continue Reading

Elderly Care

  • Using a Calendar to Help Keep Your Care Efforts Organized on Calendar Adjustment Day Elderly Care in Larchmont NY Do you sometimes feel like days have been taken away from you? Is your schedule so busy that you wish that you could add a few more days into the year? If you are like many family caregivers, the answer is probably ‘yes’. While you might not be ... Continue Reading
  • How to Help a Loved One With Alzheimer’s Disease Feel Safer at Home Elderly Care in New Rochelle NY A lot changes for you and for your elderly loved one when she’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease . One of the biggest changes is that her ability to reason becomes damaged and she might not recognize some safety issues on her own. That’s ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Foods That Can Help Your Loved One Lower His Blood Pressure Elderly Care in White Plains NY If your loved one has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you probably already know that food is at the heart of his treatment plan . The main focus in eating plans that help high blood pressure is to remove foods from your loved one’s ... Continue Reading
  • Elderly Care Tips: Keeping Seniors Warm Throughout the Cold Season Elderly Care in Rye, NY As the year winds down and the temperature starts to drop, most people feel the chill. This can be even more noticeable for aging adults , who deal with naturally lower body temperatures, lower body fat, and diminished ability for their body to ... Continue Reading

Home Care

  • What to Expect as Alzheimer’s Disease Advances Home Care in Mamaroneck NY Alzheimer’s is a leading cause of death in the United States. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 10 percent of Americans over the age of 64 have Alzheimer’s. There are 5.3 million Alzheimer’s patients in all, and 3.3 of them are women. If ... Continue Reading
  • Summer Planning Doesn’t Have to Change When Caring for Dad Home Care in Larchmont NY: Summer Planning Doesn’t Have to Change When Caring for Dad Planning for summer vacations used to be an exciting time for you and your family. Right now, though, because your father is having difficulty at home, you may be tempered in your ... Continue Reading
  • How to Help an Elderly Loved One Establish a Daily Routine Home Care in White Plains NY Having a daily routine is important for your elderly loved one because it gives her a plan and she knows that she has activities and adventures that she can look forward to. If you help her to plan out her days and her weeks, your loved one will ... Continue Reading
  • Routine Home Maintenance Tips Home Care in Scarsdale NY We all know how much home repairs can cost. Even the smallest of things can cost a lot of money if it has to be hired out with a handyman or contractor. And when someone’s on a fixed income, as many seniors are, especially if they’re retired, that ... Continue Reading

Senior Care

  • How to Help Your Senior Loved One to Stay Social Senior Care in Larchmont NY Even though your senior loved one is retired, it is still important for them to interact socially with others. When they have no workplace to go to every day, it can be easy for them to become socially isolated and withdrawn, but this can have ... Continue Reading