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24-Hour Home Care

  • Six Tips to Manage the Stress of Caregiving Being a family caregiver might just be the most stressful thing that you do. You want to be there for your elderly family member, but it’s also a situation that can take a lot out of you. What makes the most difference for everyone involved is to make sure you’re looking at ... Continue Reading
  • The Benefits Of 24-Hour Home Care For Seniors With Alzheimer’s Many seniors who have Alzheimer’s are more comfortable aging in their familiar homes. Being surrounded by photos and other items that can stoke memories and make them feel comfortable can be helpful in giving them a better quality of life. But from a practical standpoint ... Continue Reading
  • 24-Hour Home Care Has Big Benefits For Seniors And Families If you have a senior loved one that is aging at home and you live far away, 24-hour home care could help you and your senior parent. It’s normal for adult children who live far away to worry about their senior parent’s health and safety at home. With 24-hour home care, you ... Continue Reading
  • Post-Stroke Care Requires 24-Hour Attention Post-stroke recovery is not a process that a family should rush. Your dad had a stroke that left him without the use of his left side. He's in a wheelchair, barely speaks, and has little usage of his left hand and arm. The one thing you cannot do is leave your dad alone. He ... Continue Reading
  • Best Exercises to Help Reduce Elderly Health Issues Senior citizens do need to exercise. Yes, some of them have health issues that prevent them from doing intense exercises. However, doing some daily or regular exercises can significantly improve or, at the very least, help to maintain your elderly loved one’s health. As a ... Continue Reading