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Aging in Place

  • In-Home Care Provides Peace of Mind For Seniors Aging in Place As we age, many face the prospect of living alone longer. While this can be liberating, it also comes with its share of concerns - most significantly around safety. Being alone can leave one feeling vulnerable if physical limitations or chronic medical conditions present; ... Continue Reading
  • How Seniors Can Repurpose An Outdated Kitchen Nook Seniors who are aging in place may find that their homes need improvements to satisfy their current needs. One of the most common situations that seniors find themselves in is having to find a use for an outdated kitchen desk nook. These desk nooks were wildly popular in the ... Continue Reading
  • How Do You Choose the Right Home Care Services for Your Senior? When you and your senior realize that she does need some extra help, there are a lot of senior home care options out there. Figuring out which type of care is right for her and what will best address her needs then becomes the next big hurdle. These tips can help. Get Clear ... Continue Reading
  • What Are the Seven IADLs? If your senior loved one wishes to continue to live at home alone, you may be wondering how they will handle all of the responsibilities around the house. Can they take care of everything and maintain their safety? Will they forget to do things that are important? What tasks ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Signs Your Senior Would Benefit from In-home Care You want your aging family member to be as safe and as happy as she can be in her home, but that might not be possible with her current situation. At least, not without some help. But is it really time for in-home care services ? These clues can help you figure it out. ... Continue Reading
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