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Benefits of Home Care

  • Help Your Parents Thrive at Home as Their Health Changes By the time you're 65, the chances of having at least one chronic health condition are high. Many older adults have two or more, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol being the most common. How can your parents age at home when their health is changing? Do a Home ... Continue Reading
  • What Are Some of the Popular Diets to Talk About During Diet Resolution Week? The first week of January often has people making resolutions and looking at ways to improve themselves. Diet Resolution Week celebrates healthier eating habits. What are some of the popular diets that older adults consider when improving their diet? Mediterranean Diet ... Continue Reading
  • How Can You Help with Your Elderly Loved One's Desire to Stay Independent? Senior citizens need to stay independent for as long as they can. The sooner they stop doing tasks that keep their body and mind active, the more health issues they are likely to experience. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, hopefully, the tips you read about ... Continue Reading
  • What Are the Signs of Wandering with Dementia? Are you worried that your elderly loved one will wander off now that they have dementia? Unfortunately, wandering is common in people who have this disease. It can be extremely worrisome and scary for their loved ones. If you are worried about this with your elderly loved ... Continue Reading
  • How Should You Help Your Senior to Adjust to Senior Care? Adjusting to having someone around all the time, even someone that is helping her considerably, might be difficult for your elderly family member. Senior care providers are trying to make your senior’s life easier, and yet she might still resist. Here are some ideas that can ... Continue Reading
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