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Dementia Care

  • Four Essential Tips for Providing Care in Late-Stage Alzheimer's Late-stage Alzheimer's is a challenging time for family caregivers. Your parent may stop talking. Mobility issues are highly apparent, and your parent may no longer have control of the bladder or bowel. Here are the tips you need to ensure you provide the best care possible ... Continue Reading
  • A Senior with Dementia Can Still Manage to Remain Home with Proper Care When your elderly father was first diagnosed with dementia, you may not have known how to deal with the emotions. You might have gone through the various stages of grief. He might have gone through those, too. While home care might not have been a topic you wanted to discuss ... Continue Reading
  • Can You Help to Ease Sundowners Symptoms for Your Elderly Loved One? When the sun is setting, many people wind down from a long day. They sit and watch television or lay in bed. However, if someone has dementia, relaxation at the end of the day doesn’t come so easily. Many people with dementia have sundowners syndrome. This is when they ... Continue Reading
  • Dementia Testing Information for Your Elderly Loved One If you are worried that your elderly loved one will get dementia or that they have dementia, you may want them to get tested. There is a lot of information about there about dementia testing. If you keep reading here today, you will learn about some of the most essential ... Continue Reading
  • What Might You Need to Know About Lewy Body Dementia? Lewy body dementia is a type of dementia that is caused from abnormal protein deposits in one’s brain. The deposits (Lewy bodies) change the chemicals in the person’s brain. This leads to issues with behavior, mood, movement, and thinking. This is the 3rd most common type of ... Continue Reading