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Family Caregiving

  • 5 Ways In-Home Care Helps Family Caregivers You spend hours each week helping your mom with her daily care needs. While you're busy taking care of her, are you taking care of yourself? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by all you're doing? Here are five ways in-home care aides help family caregivers. Plan and Prepare ... Continue Reading
  • Do You Take Care Of Yourself, Too? Six out of ten family caregivers are women, and the average age of these caregivers is 50.1. Many female family caregivers are part of the sandwich generation. They still have children living at home, and they're still working part-time or full-time. You have personal ... Continue Reading
  • 8 Tips for Talking to the Family About Companion Care Your mom's had rheumatoid arthritis for years, but it's worsening. She's starting to experience joint deformities that make it hard for her to complete some of the daily activities she's used to doing on her own. She agrees she needs help around the home. Before you gather ... Continue Reading
  • Are There Really Secrets to Aging Gracefully? Most of us fear getting older until it happens, and most of us want to know how to help our parents age gracefully and live longer and healthier. With modern medicine, it is easier than ever before to live healthily even during the final stages of life. One thing you can do ... Continue Reading
  • How to Find the Right Balance Between Your Needs and Your Dad's Care Two out of ten caregivers rate their health as fair or poor. Family caregivers often struggle to balance their own needs with their parents' needs. You're starting to see how difficult it is to take care of yourself, your family, and your dad. There's not enough time. How ... Continue Reading
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