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Healthy Habits

  • Tips to Help Make Cooking Easier for Seniors Cooking is one of those activities that help put people at ease. This is why it is the perfect exercise for those dealing with stressful situations. It’s also an activity that is necessary. Unfortunately, as seniors age, cooking might also bring challenges - taking what was ... Continue Reading
  • Why Should You Establish Set Meal Times For Your Elderly Dad? As a busy family caregiver, it's hard to keep up with everything you do to help your dad, keep up with household chores, and get your work-at-home job duties completed. Your dad is also crankier than usual. Could his scattered meal times be causing his hangry attitude? Here ... Continue Reading
  • 6 Extra Germy Spots in Your Senior’s Home and What You Can Do Everyone spends a lot of time around germs, but the key is to make sure that the harmful germs aren’t able to make you sick. In the case of your aging family member, it’s important to ensure that the extra germ-ridden areas of her home are addressed regularly. That’s ... Continue Reading
  • How Does Home Care Ensure Your Mom Eats Well? Malnutrition is a problem with older adults. You worry about your mom eating a balanced diet. She rarely cooks meals and prefers to have frozen pizzas or ramen cups. It's not healthy and you want her to start making healthier choices. Have you looked into the benefits of ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Ideas if Your Senior Is Trying to Increase Muscle Strength How are your senior’s muscles doing? Aging adults naturally lose some muscle strength as they grow older. There are some variables that can cause your elderly family member to lose a lot more muscle tone than she expects, however. She may find that she wants to turn things ... Continue Reading
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