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Healthy Habits

  • 6 Extra Germy Spots in Your Senior’s Home and What You Can Do Everyone spends a lot of time around germs, but the key is to make sure that the harmful germs aren’t able to make you sick. In the case of your aging family member, it’s important to ensure that the extra germ-ridden areas of her home are addressed regularly. That’s ... Continue Reading
  • How Does Home Care Ensure Your Mom Eats Well? Malnutrition is a problem with older adults. You worry about your mom eating a balanced diet. She rarely cooks meals and prefers to have frozen pizzas or ramen cups. It's not healthy and you want her to start making healthier choices. Have you looked into the benefits of ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Ideas if Your Senior Is Trying to Increase Muscle Strength How are your senior’s muscles doing? Aging adults naturally lose some muscle strength as they grow older. There are some variables that can cause your elderly family member to lose a lot more muscle tone than she expects, however. She may find that she wants to turn things ... Continue Reading
  • Take a Dog for a Walk During National Walk Your Dog Week The first week of October is set aside as National Walk Your Dog week to remind people that pets, especially dogs, no matter their size or their age, need exercise just as much as we do. So, why not have both your parent’s dog and your parent reap the rewards of getting out ... Continue Reading
  • Why Is National Traffic Awareness Month a Big One for Your Senior? Every August, National Traffic Awareness Month reminds people to pay attention to what is going on around them as cars and pedestrians share spaces. But it’s also a good time to think about driving and your senior. At some stage, it may become apparent that your elderly ... Continue Reading
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