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  • Weight Loss Tips for Senior Citizens Most people go through a stage in their life where they think they may need to lose some weight. There are others who are told by a doctor they are overweight or obese. The truth is that some people have genetic reasons why they have difficulties losing weight. However, ... Continue Reading
  • When Does the Flu Become an Emergency for the Elderly? Unfortunately, there are many times, especially with elderly people, that the flu turns into an emergency situation. As a family caregiver, it is good to know how to recognize when this is happening. That way, you or a home care assistance provider can get your elderly loved ... Continue Reading
  • Meal Prep Takes Time But Also Saves Time Have you ever taken a closer look at meal prep? It's the process of planning menus, shopping for groceries, and preparing meals and snacks. Use meal prep to get an entire week's worth of meals for your parents planned and prepared in advance. Meal prep does take time. You're ... Continue Reading