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  • 4 Things Seniors Can Do To Look Their Best For The Holidays November means that the holidays are just around the corner. And with the holidays come visits from friends and relatives that you and your senior parent may not have seen since the holidays last year. Seniors will want to look their best before the holidays so that they can ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Tips to Make Diabetes Management Easier for Your Senior Whether your elderly family member is dealing with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it’s important that she knows what to do in order to stay as healthy as she can. That means that she needs to follow her doctor’s care plan and make sure she’s checking her blood sugar levels as ... Continue Reading
  • How Can You Tell Your Senior Isn’t Drinking Enough Water? Do you know how much water your senior is drinking? It’s possible that you don’t know to the ounce how much water your senior takes in every day, but there are ways for you to spot when she might not be getting enough hydration. It’s important to keep track of her water ... Continue Reading
  • How Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors Age In Place May is Older Americans Month, a time when seniors and their families are encouraged to celebrate seniors and find new ways to help them have a great quality of life as they get older. Aging in place has become a hot topic for seniors all over the country. According to polls ... Continue Reading
  • Learn About Wandering with Dementia Today Unfortunately, one of the things that family caregivers have to worry about if their elderly loved one has dementia is wandering. This is when the elderly person walks or runs away. Sometimes, you may be watching and it won’t be that big of a deal. However, other times, it ... Continue Reading
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