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  • Help Your Parents Thrive at Home as Their Health Changes By the time you're 65, the chances of having at least one chronic health condition are high. Many older adults have two or more, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol being the most common. How can your parents age at home when their health is changing? Do a Home ... Continue Reading
  • International Day of Older Persons: Celebrate Five Seniors Who Overcame Obstacles The UN established the International Day of Older Persons in 1990. The day is meant to bring awareness to older adults' issues, such as health, feeling included, and remaining active despite worsening health or a disability. Here are five older adults who did not let their ... Continue Reading
  • A Senior with Dementia Can Still Manage to Remain Home with Proper Care When your elderly father was first diagnosed with dementia, you may not have known how to deal with the emotions. You might have gone through the various stages of grief. He might have gone through those, too. While home care might not have been a topic you wanted to discuss ... Continue Reading
  • Help Multiple Generations Bond on Join Hands Day May 1st marks Join Hands Day. The goal of Join Hands Day is to get multiple generations to work together while volunteering. Help your parents, children, and grandchildren find unique, appealing ways to volunteer together. The key to having a successful day of volunteering ... Continue Reading
  • What You Should Know About Bruises on Your Dad's Skin Your dad never bruised. In the past two weeks, you've noticed several bruises on his hands or arms. What's causing his bruises? Could it be a serious issue or simply him bumping into things? What Causes a Bruise? Often, bruises are caused by a hit or blow that causes the ... Continue Reading
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