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  • How Does Home Care Ensure Your Mom Eats Well? Malnutrition is a problem with older adults. You worry about your mom eating a balanced diet. She rarely cooks meals and prefers to have frozen pizzas or ramen cups. It's not healthy and you want her to start making healthier choices. Have you looked into the benefits of ... Continue Reading
  • Holiday Activities for Seniors Make sure your older loved one has lots of opportunities to have fun with the rest of the family over the holiday season. You may be worried about what your mom or dad can't do, but seniors can do plenty of holiday activities. It's time to start thinking about what your ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Ways To Protect Seniors From Phone Scams Too often seniors are the victims of scams. Scammers target seniors because they think that seniors are going to be easy to con. And unfortunately in many cases they are. Seniors lost more than one billion dollars to scammers in 2020. The average senior who was a victim of a ... Continue Reading
  • How Does Anxiety Affect Your Senior’s Daily Life? Nobody likes to feel anxious, especially for seemingly no reason. More and more older adults are dealing with constant anxiety and it can be a big cause for concern. Here’s what you need to know about how anxiety can be affecting your elderly family member’s life right now, ... Continue Reading
  • 8 Tips for Talking to the Family About Companion Care Your mom's had rheumatoid arthritis for years, but it's worsening. She's starting to experience joint deformities that make it hard for her to complete some of the daily activities she's used to doing on her own. She agrees she needs help around the home. Before you gather ... Continue Reading
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