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  • Modern Technology Can Help Your Elderly Loved One There are so many technological advancements in this day and age for everyone. There is even technology specifically designed for senior citizens. From home modifications to social networks to other technological assistance for the elderly, there is something that could ... Continue Reading
  • Aging in Place Might Be the Best Solution for Your Elderly Loved One Are you wondering where your elderly loved one is going to live now that they are getting even older? If so, they may want to stay in their home. The truth is that many elderly people are able to age-in-place. If the proper precautions and solutions are put into place, your ... Continue Reading
  • Tips to Help Prevent Oral Cancer Are you worried that your elderly loved one might get oral cancer? Maybe you knew someone that had this type of cancer. It can be scary. However, there are many tips that can help your elderly loved one to prevent oral cancer. While there is never a 100% guarantee that ... Continue Reading
  • Best Books to Help Keep Your Elderly Loved One’s Brain in Good Shape Over time, as your elderly loved one gets older and older, they will need to keep doing things that keep their brain healthy. If they just sit around and stop doing certain activities, they are much more likely to experience cognitive declines. Research shows that one of the ... Continue Reading
  • Four Ways to Determine if it’s Realistic for Your Senior to Age in Place Aging in place may be a lot more reasonable for your elderly family member than you expect it to be. The key is to make sure that you’re aware of what she needs now and in the future. Your Senior Is Doing Well So Far It’s very possible that your elderly family member is ... Continue Reading
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