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In-Home Care

  • How To Talk To Your Senior Parent About Having Cameras In The House Having security cameras in the house is a great way to keep an eye on a senior parent that is aging at home. With cameras in the home you will be able to see if your senior loved one needs help even when they can’t call you. For example, if your senior parent were to fall ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Signs Your Senior Would Benefit from In-home Care You want your aging family member to be as safe and as happy as she can be in her home, but that might not be possible with her current situation. At least, not without some help. But is it really time for in-home care services ? These clues can help you figure it out. ... Continue Reading
  • Is Your Senior Refusing Help? It’s a terrible feeling as a family caregiver to know that your senior needs more help, even to know that you can’t do it all on your own, and to have her refuse that help. You might need to dig into why your elderly family member is against the idea in order to help her to ... Continue Reading
  • Tips to Help Senior Citizens Prevent Back Tightness As seniors age and staying active becomes more difficult, so too comes reduced muscle mass and flexibility. Spending long periods of time sitting has been shown to be as bad as smoking for one's health. Seniors commonly find themselves sitting a lot, which can also increase ... Continue Reading