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Nutrition & Diet

  • Strengthening the Immune System Through Food As your senior gets older, you will want them to help take precautions against getting sick. One of the best ways to ensure a senior gets less sick throughout the year is by boosting their immune system, and a good way to do this is through food. Having a well-rounded and ... Continue Reading
  • How Can You Tell Your Senior Isn’t Drinking Enough Water? Do you know how much water your senior is drinking? It’s possible that you don’t know to the ounce how much water your senior takes in every day, but there are ways for you to spot when she might not be getting enough hydration. It’s important to keep track of her water ... Continue Reading
  • Reducing Sodium From Your Mom’s Diet Without Losing Flavor Your mom has high blood pressure and her doctor said she needs to stop eating snacks and meals that are high in sodium. How do you cut sodium from her favorite dishes without making them flavorless? Here are some of the best tips. Learn to Read Labels Pay attention to the ... Continue Reading
  • Holiday Baking Traditions With Your Senior Loved One One of the best holiday traditions is baking holiday treats in a warm festive kitchen. Whether the treats are for family or for holiday gifts nothing is better than fresh baked holiday treats. Baking holiday cookies, cakes, and pies with your senior loved one can create ... Continue Reading
  • What Should Seniors with Diabetes Eat? If your elderly family member is diabetic and has ever lamented her new diet, she’s not alone. It can be really difficult to know what to eat to help manage diabetes. 24-hour home care providers can help your senior to add more of some of these foods to her daily diet. Foods ... Continue Reading
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