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Senior Care

  • Don’t Feel Guilty When Discussing Senior Care with Your Mom You may feel guilty bring up the topic of senior care with your aging mother, mostly because you assume she expects you to take care of her. Living in the same town, or even same house, many adult children have that same idea. They assume their elderly family members, ... Continue Reading
  • One of the Best Ways to Improve Safety for a Senior Is Through Added Care When people age, they face increasing challenges. This is, of course, the natural process of aging, and while we may not enjoy it for the loss of strength, balance, and ability, there will likely come a time when we have to accept it. One of the struggles that increases for ... Continue Reading
  • Three Low-Salt Sauces to Make and Freeze During National Sauce Month March brings the arrival of spring. It's also National Sauce Month, which makes it a good time to think about the low-sodium sauces to keep on hand for your parents' meals. Take time on a weekend to prepare many of these sauces and tuck them into the freezer until they're ... Continue Reading
  • Pet Therapy and the Elderly - What Do You Need to Know? Pet therapy is something that can help so many people. In truth, it has helped many elderly people in numerous ways. It has helped them be more active, manage their feelings, and so much more. If you feel that your elderly loved one could use some support and more love in ... Continue Reading
  • Oral Health Problems that Plague Seniors Many older adults stop taking good care of their teeth and mouth as they get older. They may not have the financial resources to pay for good oral care or they may lack the ability to get to the dentist or doctor for issues that affect their mouth. They may even write them ... Continue Reading
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