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Skin & UV Safety

  • Summer Skin Protection Tips For Seniors May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month so now is the perfect time for seniors to start thinking about summer skin care. For seniors protecting their skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays is absolutely essential for good health. To avoid skin cancer and other health problems ... Continue Reading
  • What You Should Know About Bruises on Your Dad's Skin Your dad never bruised. In the past two weeks, you've noticed several bruises on his hands or arms. What's causing his bruises? Could it be a serious issue or simply him bumping into things? What Causes a Bruise? Often, bruises are caused by a hit or blow that causes the ... Continue Reading
  • Important Skincare Tips for Winter Climates Aging changes the skin in several ways. Collagen production decreases. Older adults don't sweat as much and oil gland production also slows. All of that can lead to dry, itchy skin. In the winter, the dry air adds to the problem. These winter skincare tips help your mom keep ... Continue Reading