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What Is “Positive Aging,” and How Does It Work?

An unenthusiastic outlook often trumps an optimistic one when it comes to aging. For this reason, it seems that seniors are always associated with limited mobility, forgetfulness, or even poor health. But new research has adopted the term “positive aging,” and the name is very fitting. “Healthy aging,” as it’s also called, is a movement…

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The Importance of Keeping Hydrated

Considering that water comprises about 60 percent of the adult human body, it’s no secret that keeping up on your water intake is extremely important. In fact, inadequate hydration can be cause for some serious health concerns. Some foods and drinks even contribute to dehydration, leading to more severe complications. Below are common symptoms of…

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Defeating Isolation by Promoting Purposefulness

Depending on the specific situation, seniors feeling isolated may seem unavoidable. But considering how damaging those feelings of seclusion can be to mental well-being, we should work diligently to prevent them. There are certain tips you can employ to nurture more positive feelings and encourage comfort and happiness. Sponsor small, attainable goals Fostering a sense…

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Combatting Stress in Seniors

Stress is a feeling that anyone can relate to, and it can come in many forms. Signs of stress can include anxiety, problems with concentration, headaches, insomnia, irritability, and over- or under-eating. Seniors feel daily stressors, too, citing issues such as medical circumstances, financial worry, and physical confinements. Here are a few ways to help…

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Applying Research About Shame to How We Treat Our Seniors

Holding a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate in Social Work, Brene Brown is a shame and vulnerability researcher who took the mental health field by storm with her bold call to choose courage over comfort. While her research resonates with both men and women alike, it also rings true for the young and the old. Shame…

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Spring Cleaning Benefits Seniors Too!

By the time winter melts away and spring rolls around, many of us are antsy to get back outside. To purge cold weather clothing and ready our homes and spaces for warmth-filled days. These cycles mark the passage of time and allow us to reflect on what we’ve accumulated over the previous year. For seniors,…

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Exercises for Arthritic Seniors

Arthritis is characterized as the inflammation that occurs between the joints of the body. As the body ages, this inflammation can grow to become more severe, leading to pain and discomfort. However, there are some exercises seniors can engage in to strengthen their joints and minimize discomfort. Here are some gentle exercises that are meant…

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Summer Infused Water Recipes for Seniors

Staying hydrated is a crucial component of health for all of us, but especially so for aging seniors. There are many benefits to drinking water, including flushing our bodies of toxins, maintaining regularity of our digestive systems, preventing headaches, improving complexion and skin health, promoting weight management, and increasing brain power. But plain water isn’t…

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The Myths of Long-Term Care

We tend to encounter changing information as time wears on. What was accepted as fact yesterday becomes dubious in light of today’s truths. Unfortunately, previously accepted information doesn’t just disappear when it has outlived its purpose. Instead, it can linger on as old wives’ tales and myths. They can be about anything, but today, I’d…

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How to Spot and Stop Elder Abuse

The unfortunate reality about abuse is that it can happen to anyone at any time and no one is immune. Abuses can stem from the basis of common characteristics, as many of us are aware. Things like race, religion, and sexual orientation seem to be the most particularly salient in recent years. But there are…

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