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Upcoming Orlando Holiday Events

It’s that time of year again and while you’re getting things ready for the upcoming holidays, keep in mind that there are some wonderful holiday events around Orlando. Here is a list of five local events that would be perfect for the family and seniors:   Christmas at the Leu House “This year, local Interior…

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Fun Fall Activities For Seniors

Halloween has passed and Fall is in full swing. Here is a list of five fun and festive fall activities for seniors to enjoy during the season.   1. Break out the fall-themed coloring books   This is also a great activity for seniors to do with grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Coloring has also been found…

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The Best Podcasts for Seniors

The best thing about living in an increasingly digital age is that there seems to be something for everyone—even our seniors.   For those book club-loving and inquisitive seniors there are a number of podcasts available that can slake their thirst for knowledge and intellectual stimulation. For those that don’t know, a podcast is a…

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5 Accident Prevention Tips for Seniors

Did you know that According to the National Council on Aging that one in four Americans 65 and older fall each year? Or that every 11-seconds an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall?   Well, it’s true. Just as it’s also true that falling once doubles the risk of a…

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Preventing Malnutrition in Senior Citizens

As seniors are living longer due to advances in medicine and the understanding of aging, so too are cases of senior malnutrition rising. There are many factors that influence malnutrition in senior populations. Laura Barr, a nutrition and wellness educator at the University of Illinois Extension explains that caloric intake decreases with age because activity…

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Don’t Get Scammed—Precautions for Seniors

It’s an unfortunate truth that the most vulnerable among us are the most susceptible to scams and cons. Senior citizens are often targeting by scammers for several reasons. Seniors are more likely to have accumulated a financial “nest egg” through means of wise money management or thrifty living and are also more likely to be…

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Home Health Care Is On The Rise

“Although the number of people age 65 and up has swelled in recent years to the fastest growing population in the U.S.—there were 49.2 million in 2016, up 40 percent from 2000—they’re more likely to end up in assisted living facilities or rely on home health professionals for care, only the sickest patients now end up…

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The Art of Transitioning To Assisted Living

I’ll bet you didn’t know that this week is National Assisted Living Week. More than 800,000 seniors currently inhabit assisted living homes or receive assisted living care across the United States, according to the National Center for Assisted Living. While some seniors might not have the option to refuse assisted living care due to limitations…

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Senior Savings You Should Keep In Mind

Mature Couple Calculating Coin In The Piggybank

The attention being paid to senior discounts has dramatically increased since the federal decision to raise Senior National Park Lifetime Pass prices from $10 to $80 last month. Demand for these and other senior discounts continues to grow as baby boomers and all seniors watch their fixed income dollars stretching less and less nowadays. The…

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7 Senior Emergency Preparedness Tips

emergency preparedness tips for seniors

Even extremely responsible and diligent seniors can be blindsided by an emergency. They happen everyday—natural disasters, accidents, and financial crises—and it’s important that the most vulnerable among us have a plan.   Here are 7 tips, as suggested by the Red Cross, seniors should be aware of in case of an emergency situation: 1. Establish…

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