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Is Companionship Care Right for Your Family?

Seniors are a wealth of knowledge and rich with experience. The more years under their belts, the more there is to uncover. Stories from different eras and countries, history in living form. There is so much to learn and as many seniors age, they discover a desire to pass on those lessons. If you’re the…

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5 Great Father’s Day Gifts For Senior Dads

When it comes to the parental holidays, Mother’s Day usually takes the cake. Father’s Day, on the other hand, can be a bit more difficult. Buying a tie, a shirt, or having a barbeque are tried and true, but with older dads, they usually don’t need or want much. What’s an adult kid to do?…

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A Stroke of Luck: A Case Study

We all have a tendency to put things off. It seems to be a normal pitfall of being human: we always think there’s more time, and we go on with our lives. Then suddenly, it happens. Life takes a turn and a parent becomes ill or suffers a serious accident or injury and you’re left…

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Having the End-of-Life Talk With Parents

Once adult children reach their 40s, it’s a good time to have an important talk with their aging parents. According to a study done by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, a shocking total of 75% of adults have not had an in-depth end-of-life discussion with their parents—the elephant in the room. This kind of conversation…

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5 Health Benefits of Gardening

Many suffer from pain, illness, or limited mobility, so helping them ease back into an active lifestyle can be tricky. It’s best to start slow. Gardening is a great hobby for seniors and disabled adults. Clients and caregivers have the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the smell of flowers and…

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Caring For Those with Neuropathy

All the nerves in our nervous system serve a purpose. Motor nerves control muscle movement. Autonomic nerves regulate functions we don’t normally think about—like heart rate and blood pressure. And our sensory nerves receive sensations such as temperature, vibration, and pain. Neuropathy is a condition that affects the latter nerve type. Sensory nerves are part…

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Pain Relief in the Form of Home Care

Seniors suffering from chronic pain or stiffness encounter more than the average obstacles performing daily tasks. Arthritis is a major health issue for millions of people around the world, and caretakers can be lifesavers. Housekeeping can be extremely difficult for arthritis sufferers. Particularly those with the following subtypes: Osteoarthritis This is the most common form…

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5 Ways Seniors Can Keep Housework Manageable

Housekeeping can be tedious for anyone and especially for seniors who may experience limited mobility or other physical restrictions. But even for the able-bodied, illnesses and accidents can derail daily functioning. A fall, a car accident, a surgery, and everything else in between can change circumstances and capabilities. It’s during times like these that we…

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Sage Advice for Aging Seniors

Getting older isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have all the help you need. Illness and injury are common as the years slowly accumulate, but there’s plenty seniors can do to stay healthy and reduce their risks of serious complications. Here are three to get you started: Your primary physician is an invaluable resource Trips…

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5 Solutions For Senior Loneliness

If you’ve ever spent long periods of time alone and felt that edgy/anxious feeling, then you know what loneliness is. Loneliness can cause depression, loss of appetite, weight gain, lack of energy, sleeping too much, muscle loss, and unhealthy attitudes. And mood swings are common for people who receive little human contact. Seniors need companionship….

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