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How to Talk to Aging Parents About the Future

Talking about the future can be an uncomfortable experience, especially with an aging parent. Making decisions about finances and talking about caregiving assistance, health changes, wellness needs, and decreased mobility is difficult. However, being open about the future and all it entails is critical when creating a successful care plan that best meets the needs…

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3 Helpful Tips For Volunteering During Retirement

You may or may not have heard, but volunteering during retirement years can bring a wealth of health benefits to seniors. These benefits include lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease to name a couple. Whatever the physical benefits, it’s widely accepted that volunteering gives seniors satisfaction, community, and a greater sense…

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10 Habits to Help Seniors Stay Healthy

There are a lot of moving parts to keeping people healthy–especially so for seniors. Dental exams, medication management, and physicals are all important to keep seniors healthy. It’s been proven that people who had healthy habits when they were younger tend to have healthy habits as seniors as well and good health habits can make…

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Service Dogs for Seniors

We’ve all seen them—the service dogs assisting their owners in a grocery store, at the airport, or out in the community. Service animals are carefully selected and meticulously trained to provide support to individuals young and old with a variety of health conditions. Since September is National Assistance Dog Month, let’s discover how these dogs…

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4 FAQs About Gerontology

We are now entering a period in America where there are more senior citizens than ever before. Learn more about gerontology and let us address some of the most common questions about the ever-evolving field of aging. What is gerontology? Gerontology is the study of the physical, psychological, and social aspects of aging. The physical…

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4 Fall Activities for Seniors

It’s finally starting to cool down a bit as summer takes its final bow. However, there’s no time to mourn its passing with so much to look forward to in the fall: pumpkin flavored everything (for one), the arrival of the holiday season and time with family, and all the delicious food that those gatherings…

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Quick Tips For Your Next Vacation

When you’re the caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, travel may seem not only implausible but impossible. Disrupting the routine of someone with dementia elicits worries of increased agitation and confusion. However, a systematic approach coupled with thoughtful planning can help alleviate some of these fears. Here are 4 tips that can…

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Keeping Seniors Hydrated Naturally

Inside the human brain, there lies a tiny region called the hypothalamus that regulates things like body temperature and appetite. During the summer, the hypothalamus spends most of its time keeping our bodies from overheating (via sweating) and focuses less on creating the desire to eat. This is why we seem to have less of…

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Caring for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States, and it’s estimated that around 5.7 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050, the number is projected to rise to 14 million. Being a caregiver to a senior with the disease can be challenging, but we’ve compiled…

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Preparing Seniors for Fall

Although the temperatures are still high nationwide, autumn is right around the corner. Soon cafes and grocery stores will be rolling out their pumpkin-flavored everything. Fall officially starts on September 22, so it’s wise (and proactive!) to start thinking about a safety plan for the seniors in your life. Whether that means elderly parents, friends,…

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