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When Eyesight Fails

As we age, many health-related issues begin to arise. Thankfully, many of those things can be fixed or dealt with using science and medicine. Loss of vision is a major life-changing event. Cataracts can be removed, new glasses can be purchased, but macular degeneration robs many seniors of their central vision, causing blindness.  Science is…

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Let Your Voice Be Heart

Life comes with great opportunities and experiences. Eventually, however, there comes a time when we all must think about the uncertainties of illness, disability, and even death. If you’ve been to a doctor or a hospital, you’ve probably been asked, “Do you have an advanced directive?”  Many people don’t know what an advanced directive is,…

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Living Alone Doesn’t Have To Mean Being Alone

When someone is left alone after the loss of a loved one, life can change instantaneously and drastically. “Mrs. G wakes up at her usual time in the morning. After a cup of coffee and checking her email, she prepares a light breakfast, then goes for a walk around her neighborhood before returning to her…

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How To Live Longer: Staying Healthy As You Age

Health is our most valuable asset. And once it starts to go, a slew of problems begins to emerge. Thankfully, we now have options for preventing many of the symptoms that underlie early health decline.   1. Replace bad habits with good ones Many seniors quit smoking and limit alcohol intake to special occasions and…

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How To Maintain Independence with Age

Keeping your health a priority via nutrition, physical fitness, and cognitive exercises is one way to avoid being placed in a nursing home or assisted living facility (ALF).  But unfortunately, not everyone can maintain this, especially seniors who might have mobility or other issues. Illness and accidents are inevitable, even to the well-prepared. For those…

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Slip-and-Fall Prevention Tips For Seniors

While many seniors never fall, accidents are still common. The good news is they are completely preventable. Be proactive by avoiding trip hazards and taking necessary precautions and avoid costly hospital visits and serious injury. “One early morning, an elderly grandmother awoke to a fresh new day. She wasn’t paying attention, and while getting out…

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Making New Year’s Resolutions?

Everyone has tried to change or improve upon things at the dawn of a new year. Most resolutions fail early on, though not for lack of trying.  But one thing is certain: it’s good to give it a shot! Learning something new creates feel-good chemicals in the brain and senior citizens should resolve themselves to…

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Holiday Scam Prevention For Seniors

Seniors trying to maintain their independence are prime targets for scams from cruel criminals that have no problem taking a person’s life savings. It happens every day. However, children of seniors can prevent scams if they know what to look for. Scammers are masters of deception. Scamming the elderly is more common than you might…

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How To Know When Your Senior Needs Help

Aging is a fact of life, as are the struggles that often accompany its arrival. The signs are many: diminished mobility and memory loss, increased irritability and changes in hygiene. But when does aging necessitate outside assistance? How can we recognize and respond to the signs? The most desirable way to address the rigors of…

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The Benefits of Being Outdoors For Seniors

Fitness is important for everyone, and it’s big business in the US. But did you know that fitness is even more important for seniors over 65? As we age, our bodies change. We lose bone and muscle if we don’t keep active and moving. And you can’t find a better place to exercise than the…

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