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Home Care in South Columbus & Fairfield County, OH

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” 

    – Tia Walker, Author, The Inspired Caregiver


“Caring for seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have.”

    – Senator John Hoeven


At Griswold Home Care, we believe seniors should remain independent and age safely at home. That’s why our caregivers are professionally-matched to meet the specific needs you may have in order to remain active and healthy in the place you love.

Give us a call at 614.769.6978 to discuss your needs and to see how our caregivers can help you or your loved ones.


Why Choose Our Griswold Home Care Team?

  • Our caregivers are all are professionally matched to your individual needs. 
  • Background checks and continuing education for all staff and caregivers protect you and your loved ones.
  • We are a family-run business with experience providing senior home care.
  • Our office staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Meet Our Care Team

Jeffrey A. Boesger | Owner and Director

My name is Jeff Boesger, and I am an Ohio native. I have four children – two boys and two girls – and live in the Columbus area with my wife, Susan, and one teenage son.

Growing up, my parents impressed upon me the value of service to others as we participated in our church, serving at various levels. Family was always important, and I have fond memories of the many family gatherings that always centered around my grandparents. Watching them age – and watching my own parents age since then – has given me a new perspective into the independence and dignity all people deserve as they grow older.

My career in the service industry began when I entered the military, serving in both Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Since then, I have viewed my career through the lens of helping others with their most basic needs: food, work, and shelter. I have never forgotten my roots, including the lessons that years of family service taught me, and wanted to share those values with my own children. Then my daughter, Jen, introduced me to Griswold Home Care. I quickly realized their values aligned with my own and decided to shift my career to helping seniors live better, more independent lives.

I am proud of our family-run home care service. We can help your family, whether you need a few hours of respite care, full-time live-in care, or something in between. We look forward to being your resource for your home care needs.


Susan C. Boesger | Owner and Director

I am Susan Boesger, and I’m proud to live in Ohio with my husband, Jeff, and our family.

I began my career as an attorney in Florida, helping clients with end-of-life planning, wills, and trusts. I traveled to clients’ homes to meet them and their families where they felt most comfortable. I enjoyed learning about their individual needs, and I loved knowing I could help alleviate a small part of their stress by giving them the information they needed to protect themselves and their families as they aged. 

Over the years, I served as a volunteer on the boards of the American Cancer Society, the Samaritan Center for Homeless Families, and Habitat for Humanity. But it wasn’t until I helped care for a grandfather with Alzheimer’s that I fully understood the challenges families face in allowing a senior to age at home. Becoming part of the Griswold family – along with members of my own family – has felt like a natural extension of my career and my desire to care for others. I’m looking forward to meeting our new clients and being able to help them maintain independent lives with happiness and dignity.


Jennifer A. Boesger | Owner, Director, Care Coordinator

I’m Jennifer Boesger, and I currently live in Ohio with my husband, John, and our two children. 

 My greatest joys are helping others and making great matches between caregivers and clients! And Griswold Home Care has given me a career that allows me to do both. I started working for Griswold in 2010 as a CNA with Griswold Home Care in Pinellas County, Florida. Each client had their own needs, and I worked hard to make sure those needs were met in a caring manner that respected their autonomy. 

After several years as a CNA, I decided that, although I loved providing care for my clients, I wanted to do more. In 2016, I was offered a staff position where I began serving as a Care Coordinator. This position allowed me to dedicate myself to making sure our clients have the care they need at home, from the caregivers they love. That task remains my passion. So when my father asked me to help him start a Griswold Home Care business in Ohio, I didn’t have to think twice. I’m looking forward to working with my family and helping even more people find the perfect caregiver match.

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