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Home Care in Summit and Southern Cuyahoga County, OH


Mission: To be a leader in home care, honoring and respecting the individuality and choices of our clients. To refer caregivers who provide affordable opportunities for Elders to feel safe, connected and lead meaningful lives of continued growth wherever home may be.

Hello, I am Cathy Ricker, the proud owner and operator of the Griswold Home Care Summit-Southern Cuyahoga office in North Royalton, Ohio. Before joining the Griswold franchise family, I worked within the Human Relations department of several large corporations. As time passed I became increasingly unfulfilled by my corporate role and overwhelmingly inclined to find a truly rewarding career.

As a child, I did not have dreams of owning my own non-medical home care business. However, what I did, and still do, have is an eternal soft spot for the elderly people whom I’m so fortunate to have had touch my life. I have seen the difficulty presented by assisted living facilities and nursing homes to families and individuals. I have also witnessed the dramatic effect that the provision of quality care can have on similar situations. My eyes excitedly opened when I came across Griswold Home Care and the opportunity to grow a business that referred caregivers who bettered people’s lives.

The Summit-Southern Cuyahoga office of Griswold Home Care pledges to refer only the most experienced, professional and proven care providers to serve senior and adult disabled members of your community. I truly recognize the height of impact that competent and compassionate care providers can make on your loved one’s physical and emotional condition. Thus, I will continue to personally refer only caregivers whom I would also trust to take care of my own family.

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