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We work to improve the lives of the caregivers we refer by matching them with clients who provide the best opportunity to use your experience and skills to achieve your personal mission. As one of the oldest and largest home care referral agencies in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties, we offer more opportunity to find the clients, shifts, and locations that fit your schedule and skill set. This translates into more success on the job and better work/family balance.

Jean Griswold started Griswold Home Care in 1982 with three primary goals:

  • To deliver the highest quality of care possible·
  • To offer it as inexpensively as possible so more people could afford it·
  • And, to provide it in a way that is the most beneficial to the caregivers delivering the service.

One of the of the tools we use to deliver on these goals is the Independent Contractor Model. Below are some of the positive aspects of working under this model:

Independent Contractor Model Advantages


  • You are your own Boss.
  • You chose who to provide service for.
  • You decide which days to work.
  • You determine the number of hours to work .
  • You set your rate of pay.
  • You could be eligible for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act/Market Place.
  • You are free to contract with other registries, work for an employer, or secure work directly from clients not referred by this registry.
  • Schedule C: Also, as an Independent Contractor you are essentially a small business owner or sole proprietor, this means you have certain tax responsibilities (your social security portion is higher than if you were an employee) but also certain advantages. Specifically, instead of having to itemize your deductions and having to have enough to exceed the 2% Miscellaneous Deduction threshold, armed with your EIN, you become a Sole Proprietor. You may be able to write off a host of expenses directly to the income you received as an independent contractor.

Here are a few possible examples:

  • Travel to and from independent contractor cases (and in between).
  • Wear & Tear on a vehicle, portion of auto insurance.
  • Cell phone charges, when the phone’s used to respond to the Registry (for referral opportunities or client matters, etc.).
  • Internet charges if you use it to receive emails from the office, client, or check the Caregiver/Client Portals for information.
  • Uniform costs (shoes, scrubs, gloves, etc.).
  • A portion of your rent or mortgage if you have a home office.
  • Cost of liability insurance and other similar fees.
  • Cost of Criminal Background checks and other similar fees.
  • While you don’t get Workers Comp under this model, you can purchase your own Occupational and Accident Insurance. When referred by Griswold Home Care to clients that use our billing services, you can purchase this for $0.60 per hour not to exceed $9.00 per week, only pay for it the weeks you work.
  • We suggest that all caregivers carry their own Liability Insurance. This can be purchased for less than $100 a year.

Note: We are not an attorney’s or CPA’s and cannot give tax or legal advice. The content above is for illustrative purposes only. Please obtain information and direct any questions to a professional of your choice.​