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Most Recent Posts from December, 2020

  • Tips for Including Older Loved Ones in Holiday Conversations

    It’s a special time of year! Friends and family are gathering together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the holidays. During this season, it can be especially important for seniors to ... Read More
  • Holidays and Alzheimer's

    The Caregivers Corner : By the time we hit 65, 1 out of 6 of us will be suffering from some form of dementia (severe memory impairment). By the time we reach 85, the odds are almost 50%. The most ... Read More
  • Coping with the Holidays After a Loss

    For those who have had a recent loss, the holidays that were once looked forward to as a time of togetherness and celebration may now be dreaded and overwhelming. When everyone around seems to be ... Read More
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