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Family Caregiving

  • The Back Nine So, you’re on the back nine, just about ready to tee off and your phone rings and it’s your spouse. “Hey, honey, where are you?” “I’m in the middle of my Thursday afternoon golf outing, you respond.” “Well, you didn’t tell me” your spouse says. To which you reply, “Yes, I ... Continue Reading

Benefits of Home Care

  • Home Care vs Home Health: What each covers and when you typically use them Medical Insurance (including Medicare) does NOT pay for a day in day out custodial care! This is largely an out-of-pocket expense. Have a stroke, heart attack, fall and break something that basically makes you bed or chair bound and/or restricts your mobility? Once you leave ... Continue Reading

Home Care

  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Normal Aging Thought for the day: A person with dementia does not necessarily have Alzheimer’s but a person with Alzheimer’s definitely has dementia. As we age, just as our bodies start to physically slow down so too does our brain. It is natural for it to take longer for us to retrieve ... Continue Reading
  • An Example of When an Elder Law Attorney And/or Care Manager Would Be Right for You We recently had this scenario come up with one of our prospects. A senior was in rehab recovering from a stroke. She was preparing for discharge. Based upon her condition at discharge, it appeared she would either need to live at an assisted living facility (ALF) or go home ... Continue Reading
  • Resources for Success At our landing page under Resources for Hillsborough County (and Pasco County) we highlight some of the key services we have found over the last twelve years that most seniors need at one point or another. From Elder Law to Care Management to Community Placement we provide a ... Continue Reading
  • Veterans Benefits Revisited Attention Veteran Families: Your loved one may be eligible for military benefits to pay for in Home Care If you are a wartime veteran, or the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran, you may be eligible for a little-known pension called “Aid & Attendance” from the Veterans ... Continue Reading