Existing Contractor Resources

Existing Contractor Resources in Tampa, FL, Florida

One Stop Resource Site for Self Employed Caregivers

As a caregiver, your time is limited. That’s why Griswold Home Care has decided to compile useful resources all in one spot for your convenience. When you partner with Griswold Home Care, we won’t just refer you to clients, we’ll collaborate together so your time is efficiently utilized.

Following you will find information on:

  • The Third Party Billing Agents we partner with to facilitate client payments to you
  • The Vendors that supply General Liability Insurance and Occupational Accident, and Health Insurance.
  • Entities that can assist you in renewing your credentials (i.e., CPR, CEU’s, Fitness to Work etc.)
  • Discount medical programs.
  • Third Party Payors

    Regardless of payment method, the work performed and the compensation is between you and the client. You are not an employee of Griswold Home Care. 

    • LTC Payroll

      Contact Info:
      Questions related to LTC Payroll should be addressed directly to LTC Payroll by phone, email, or fax.

      LTC Payroll Phone#: 844-582-3278
      Hotline for issues calling in/out781-795-8177
      Customer Service844-582-7297
      LTC Payroll Fax#781-373-3649
      LTC Payroll Email: ltcpayroll@ltcfastpay.com

      Complete the  LTC Payroll Caregiver Profile Form, W-9, and Direct Deposit form
      to get set-up in LTC Payroll’s system as soon as possible. Return the forms to: ltcpayroll@ltcfastpay.com

      • The week runs from Monday 12a to Sunday at midnight. Anything worked during that time period, will be paid for the following Friday. You will get emails on Monday with the estimated amount that will be deposited in your account for each client.
      • At the start of each new LTC Payroll case, you will be given a unique caregiver ID for you and that client. Follow the attached instructions for calling in and out of the client’s each shift. Please use the client’s phone (if they have one) to call in/out.  Make sure to finish the entire call, documenting the services provided to the client.

      Taxes: LTC Payroll will ask the client if they’d like to issue you a 1099. They will send you multiple 1099’s at the end of the year for any clients that choose to use this service.

      • It is your responsibility to keep LTC Payroll aware of any address changes. Regardless of whether or not the client chooses to issue 1099’s, LTC Payroll will email you a year end summary of what you were paid.
  • Caregiver Insurance

    CMF Group offers General Liability Insurance for Caregivers.

    Occupational Accident Insurance is available for caregivers to purchase through LTC Payroll. The insurance is optional and gives a peace-of-mind should you become injured. Some clients may want caregivers to carry coverage if they’re worried about lack of workman’s comp. 

    To enroll complete the forms (link above) and send it to the insurance company:    tfginsure.com

    There is a 7 day waiting period for coverage begin, it is not instantaneous. 

    Available to caregivers through LTC payroll for the deduction.

  • Discount Medical Plans

    GriswoldConnect: Virtual Care is a telehealth program (powered by Teledoc) that allows you and your household members to gain 24/7/365 access to a board-certified physician in your state. Remain in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you need it. Access is via phone or computer (text or video). Note: Griswold Virtual Care is not intended to replace your primary care physician, it does not count as insurance under the Affordable Care Act, nor is it required. It is a low cost supplemental program.

    FamilyWize– FamilyWize is a free prescription discount program available to everyone, whether they are insured or uninsured. The FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card covers all FDA approved prescription medications and saves consumers an average of around 40% on prescriptions. It is easy to use with no registration or eligibility criteria.

  • Other
    • Accushield credentials everyone that has interactions within multiple ALF’s/SNF’s within our community. There is a cost to this service. As a Caregiver you’re an independent contractor (Self Employed Professional), Griswold Home Care cannot pay the fee directly or reimburse you. If a referred client is in a facility that utilizes the service, the cost can be passed on to the client if mutually agreed upon. You can choose to do so in the form of higher rates or as an additional charge (i.e., like mileage or a food allowance for a Live-In).
      • For those clients paying their caregiver directly, we would recommend just adding this to one of the weekly bills (like you would Mileage or a Food Allowance).
      • For LTC, you will need to add the fee to one of your clock outs, like you do mileage
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