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Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Normal Aging

Image of Word DEMENTIA made with wood building blocks

Thought for the day: A person with dementia does not necessarily have Alzheimer’s but a person with Alzheimer’s definitely has dementia. As we age, just as our bodies start to physically slow down so too does our brain. It is natural for it to take longer for us to retrieve memories, process questions, solve problems,…

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Summer Heat

Image of an overheated senior man holding a cool cloth to his forehead.

Summer heat creates a wide variety of situations that can result in risks to health and safety. Risk avoidance can protect your health. For instance, alcohol, caffeinated beverages (sodas, coffee, tea), certain medications (blood pressure, heart, tranquilizers, anti-motion sickness), age (less body fat to store water, decreased efficiency of sweat glands, decreased sensitivities), disease (kidney,…

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An Example of When an Elder Law Attorney and/or Care Manager Would Be Right for You

Lawyer consulting senior couple in office

We recently had this scenario come up with one of our prospects. A senior was in rehab recovering from a stroke. She was preparing for discharge. Based upon her condition at discharge, it appeared she would either need to live at an assisted living facility (ALF) or go home with in-home care.  Where can/should she…

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Resources for Success

Teacher Helping Older Woman Attending IT Class In Community Centre

At our landing page under Resources for Hillsborough County (and Pasco County) we highlight some of the key services we have found over the last twelve years that most seniors need at one point or another. From Elder Law to Care Management to Community Placement we provide a quick definition and overview. We encourage you…

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Veterans Benefits Revisited

Image of VetAssist Program's logo

Attention Veteran Families: Your loved one may be eligible for military benefits to pay for in Home Care If you are a wartime veteran, or the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran, you may be eligible for a little-known pension called “Aid & Attendance” from the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), which can help pay for…

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The Nurse Registry Model

Image of Home health care worker and an elderly couple

In order to bring you the highest value at the lowest cost possible, we use the nurse registry model. The caregivers we refer are independent contractors. We occasionally get some questions concerning the model. Below are some of the most frequent, with our position on each. If  you have any concerns, we encourage you to…

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Choosing a Home Care Provider

Image of text bubble saying

On our Facebook page and on our landing page, we share a video that discusses how to choose a home care company. We highlighted the five things we think are the most important to look for. First, clients want caregivers they can trust. This gets to the screening process. We go through 100 applicants to…

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Home Care Delivery

Image of In-home Health Care Bulletin Board

In Florida, there are three types of agencies providing home care (homemaking, companion, and personal care) services: Homemaker Companion Agencies (HCA) pay about $50 to secure a license that allows them to provide only homemaking and companion services. They are NOT audited or reviewed by AHCA and they are NOT authorized to provide any personal…

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Paying for Home Care Services

Image of piggy bank and coins

Historically, medical insurance has not paid for on going day in day out home care. Typically, this is paid for out of your own pocket. Other options include: Medicaid Long Term Care Managed Care: This program provides 6-25 hours of care a week. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for details. Veterans Aid and…

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Home Health vs. Home Care

Image of home health care worker taking elderly man's blood pressure

My mom needs assistance to remain independent at home. What’s available and how much does it cost? There are two types of services: Home Health and Home Care. One is covered by insurance, while the other is typically not. Home health care involves the delivery of some type of skilled care. These “skilled” services are…

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