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Home Care in Tulsa, OK

Tommy and Dominique are proud to be a part of the Griswold family.  Tommy’s decision to quit his job in medical sales, after 13 years and numerous national awards, was due, in part, to the entrepreneurial spirit he’s always had.

It became a much more personal matter when two of his loved ones were in need of home care and their needs were met with differing degrees of quality.  He knew that with Dominique’s help they could make a difference in people’s lives by referring caregivers to provide non-medical in-home care.

Dominique has a master’s degree in adult fitness and cardiac rehab and has been involved in the fitness/health care field since 1989.  She is a clinical exercise physiologist and is also a certified home health aide.

With their combination of medical sales and health care experience, Tommy and Dominique stepped out in faith and joined the Griswold family in 2012.  Both Tommy and Dominique are passionately involved in their children’s lives as well as the lives of other young men and women through their respective ministries, CALLED and GROW.

Their focus in owning and directing the Tulsa franchise of Griswold Home Care is much the same


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