Elder Care in Sapulpa OK: 5 Tips for Buying Incontinence Gear for Your Loved One

5 Tips for Buying Incontinence Gear for Your Loved One

Elder Care in Sapulpa OK

Elder Care in Sapulpa OKOne of the more embarrassing aspects of helping your elderly loved one deal with incontinence is to make that leap to buying incontinence products for her. Getting over the embarrassment is easy, though, because these products will make your loved one’s life and your own far easier. Here are some things to look for when buying incontinence products.

Check the Absorbency

Almost all incontinence products have some type of absorbency rating, but it might not mean a lot to you because there’s no standard system. Products might be labeled “overnight” or “light,” which doesn’t really tell you how absorbent the product is. What that label does tell you is approximately what type of use the product is best suited for. Once you become accustomed to a specific manufacturer, it will be easier to pull out the exact product and absorbency you need for a particular situation.

Is it Crinkly?

Let’s face it, incontinence is embarrassing enough without your loved one’s underwear making crinkly sounds when she walks. Whenever possible, try out the sounds the product makes before your loved one has to actually wear it out in public. If the product is too loud, then it might not be the right one.

Is it Comfortable?

Bulky or restrictive products aren’t a lot of fun to wear, either. If the legs of the incontinence garment ride up when your loved one pulls up her pants, that won’t be comfortable to wear. Look for any signs that the product might not be comfortable for long-term wear before purchasing, but then do a trial run with your loved one when you get the product home, too.

Check for a Moisture Barrier

Moisture barriers are common around the edges of the incontinence garment to help stop leaks from spreading before the garment can soak up the liquid. Look for products that have sturdy moisture barriers so that they can protect your loved one’s clothing and her dignity. It’s important to note that sometimes moisture barriers work better in certain positions, such as standing or sitting, than in others, like lying down.

Look for Products that Are Easy to Change

Often incontinence products are easy enough for the person wearing them to change, but it’s important that they’re easy for you or for her referred caregivers to access, too. You never know when you’ll need to help your loved one or when she might become incapacitated and need additional help. Look for adhesive tabs or Velcro fastenings that can help you to change her quickly.

Once you know what to look for, buying incontinence products is much easier.


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