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senior woman with caregiver

Helping to Fight Loneliness and Boredom in Seniors

Elder Care in Broken Arrow, OK РHaving Companionship on a Regular Basis Can be a Big Step Toward Reducing Elderly Loneliness

For many older adults, aging can be a tremendous transition as those around them move away or even pass away. Holidays and even birthdays can often be difficult for older loved ones because the many holiday cards they once received may have dwindled down. And even those can often contain sad news about the death or illness of a friend.

Home care for the elderly can assist with alleviating loneliness and boredom. Often, the caregiver may become a close and trusted friend, as well as cherished companion. Most people need social interaction on a regular basis. They may need someone to talk to, someone to hold their hand or touch their shoulder, someone to laugh with or play a game with. This can be essential for your loved one’s life, happiness and health.

Many relationships that have been built over decades and through many life experiences are hard to replace. While a caregiver cannot take the place of a deceased friend or family member, finding the right fit for your aging loved one can be a huge step toward reducing loneliness.

For some elderly adults, the right caregiver has had life-changing results. Take Rose for example. Her best friends had all passed on; her children and grandchildren lived across the country. Rose’s daughter Lydia arranged for in-home, non-medical care. Rose soon became attached to her new caregiver and was happy again, participating in hobbies and doing things she loved but had previously lost interest in. Now, with a companion around, Rose no longer feels lonely all the time.

Helping your loved one find interesting activities to do can reduce boredom and give them an opportunity to live their life to the fullest. Watch for boredom and loneliness in your senior loved one and do what you can to help them find companionship. You may be surprised at what a difference it makes!

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