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Family Caregiver Activities: DIY Heart-Shaped Bookmarks

Family Caregivers in Broken Arrow OK

Family Caregivers in Broken Arrow OK: Making crafts is a great way to enhance your family caregiver journey. This craft is for a heart-shaped bookmark made out of polymer clay.

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Elderly Care Tips: Getting Your Senior Active When She Does Not Love Exercise

Elderly Care in Glenpool OK

Elderly Care in Glenpool OK: How do you make sure that regular physical activity is a part of your routine with your senior who doesn’t like exercise?

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Is Your Loved One at Risk for a Stroke?

Senior Care in Broken Arrow OK

Senior Care in Broken Arrow OK: If you don’t know much about strokes, this information can help you to fill in the gaps.

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Try a New Food – Butternut Squash

Home Care in Jenks OK

Home Care in Jenks OK It can be difficult in the winter to find delicious produce that is fresh and in season. Thankfully, there are many types of vegetables that store well so that they remain fresh long after their harvest date. One example of this type of vegetable is the butternut squash. Sweet, starchy,…

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4 Tips for Being There for Loved Ones When You’re Physically Far Away


Elder Care in Bixby, OK Sometimes you just can’t physically be there for your elderly loved one. Your family and your career may be in one place while your loved one is in another. This doesn’t mean that you can’t provide the right level of care, however. With help and with technology and compassion, you…

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Family Caregiver Tips: Making Planning Your Summer Vacation a Fun Way to Warm Up Your Winter


Family Caregivers in Tulsa, OK Being on a family caregiver journey can be stressful, particularly during the cold, dark winter months when your elderly loved ones are at higher risk of suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, and loss of motivation. Finding creative ways to break all of you out of the difficult emotions of…

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Elder Care Recipes: Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake


Elder Care in Jenks, OK Getting your day started with a high quality breakfast gives you the energy you need to take on the challenges of your elder care schedule, and keep your body strong and healthy. This breakfast bake offers the familiar nostalgic flavor of a ham and cheese sandwich with fantastic nutrition that…

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Senior Care Observances: Financial Wellness Month


Senior Care in Tulsa, OK When you started your senior care journey with your elderly loved ones, your first thoughts were likely about how you were going to handle the needs that compelled you to start your relationship, such as their growing medical concerns, mobility or cognitive limitations, or just sudden lifestyle changes such as…

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4 Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One to Become More Active


Elderly Care in Sand Springs, OK Your loved one’s doctor may have told you that it’s time to get your loved one more active, but how can you do that? It can be tough, especially if your loved one doesn’t particularly like exercise. Here are some tips that can help to make the job easier…

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Sarcopenia and Seniors: What You Need to Know


Elder Care in Broken Arrow, OK Sarcopenia is muscle loss that is caused by aging. The process of muscle loss actually begins when people reach their 30s, but it usually doesn’t begin to negatively effect people until they are older than 65. In elderly adults, sarcopenia can cause weakness and increase the risk of falls…

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